Rated 2016 Best Outdoor Gift!

Watch the video. Choose your color. Start living!
  • Portability

    Dumbo is super lightweight weighing in at only 2.7lbs, and can hold up to 500lbs

  • Durability

    Dumbo uses a 200% stronger Nylon blend than other loungers on the market

  • Innovation

    Dumbo come equips with bottle openers, cup holders, stakes, and phone pockets

  • Originality

    Don't fall for the fakes, Dumbo is the real original lounger of the US.

Dumbo Loves All Surfaces

And so does your dog... So it's perfect.
Dumbo Loves All Surfaces

Same Material as Parachutes

Yes, those parachutes. These babies are built to last.
Same Material as Parachutes

Available in 9 Rad Colors

And one super awesome American Flag Dumbo.
Available in 9 Rad Colors


I fell in love with Dumbo from the second I laid down. Freshest lounger ever!
I can't believe I just found Dumbo! I've already bought 4 for all my friends. Obsessed!
I bought this for my girls birthday and we use it everywhere!