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Dumbo on the Today Show!

Dumbo on the Today Show!


Dumbo Lounge Sacks? You mean that inflatable chair from the Today Show this morning? YEP! 

The Dumbo Lounge Sack was featured this morning on the Today show! Gadget Guru Steve Greenberg highlighted 10 Summer gadgets to make this summer GREAT; The Dumbo was featured and was described by Steve as a “delicious” addition to your summer paradise.

The Dumbo Lounge Sack is an innovative product that has created an easy way to conveniently relax anywhere. The inflatable lounger fills with air within seconds and provides extreme comfort and high convenience due to it's lightweight design. The Dumbo Lounge Sack only needs two scoops of air and you're ready to lounge on just about any terrain; dirt, rocks, grass, snow, or floating on water.

The newest line of Dumbo’s has TONS of new features including a cup holder, two pockets, a stake with a stake holder, AND a bottle opener! With the highest quality on the market the Dumbo (along with the other awesome products highlighted) are a necessity to make this summer the best one yet. The most comfortable thing you’ve bought this summer has made its television debut, now its time for the Dumbo to debut in your very own home. :)

Buy yours now at DumboLoungeSacks.come and checkout the entire segment from the Today show at http://www.today.com/video/10-great-gagdets-for-fun-in-the-sun-at-the-beach-poolside-731677251697